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Will Folk’s Shady Past


One thing is certain. Will Folks is not a man of integrity! Folks has been sued for libel, pled guilty to domestic violence, and has been proven a liar too many times to count! Now, he peddles gossip on his disreputable web tabloid, fitsnews.com.

Folk’s checkered past includes a history of violence, where in 2005 he pled guilty to criminal domestic violence. In a fit of rage, Folks pushed his fiancée into furniture, injuring her. Folks had the audacity to publicly deny the event, but later pled guilty in court.

After his domestic violence incident, Will Folks claimed that his guilty plea showed off his honorable character. Will – there is nothing honorable about domestic violence…..

Folks gained additional notoriety in 2010, when he pushed a fake story involving then-South Carolina State Representative Nikki Haley. As usual, no one took Folks seriously and his allegations were completely rebuked. Sadly, this is just one in a string of fake stories peddled by Will Folks and Fitsnews.

Earlier this year, Fitsnews.com was involved in a libel suit, where a South Carolina jury ruled that Will Folks defamed a public official by writing phony stories. Despite clearly being in the wrong, Folks had no remorse. “I knew there would be a price to pay for standing on principle and protecting my sources,” he said. “I’m just glad that price didn’t break the bank.” One can only wonder what principles guide Folks.

Will Folks has a history of lying and abuse, and his theme of zero remorse is consistent. Folks is a man who places his own impulses, emotions, and needs above basic human decency, and it’s about time he’s called out on it!