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Will Folks’ Political Puppet Show Starring Sen. Davis and Rep. Mace


State Sen. Tom Davis has serious ethical issues and don’t forget about his ‘plan that could turn South Carolina into one big Pot Party’ – but FITSNews does a pretty nice job of covering him with grace.

Headlines like “Tom Davis’ Crazy Good Numbers’ and ‘Ron Paul Touts Tom Davis,” include overstatements of Davis’ importance in the state, calling him ‘South Carolina’s leading fiscal conservative.’ FITS even handed over the reins to let Davis do some writing of his own on the site. On a gossip news site headlining smear after smear, it stands out a little too much that someone with known past ethical problems looks so great on a pay-to-print website.

Maybe Will Folks is just doing his fellow Gov. Sanford staff alum a political favor, but could there be more to Folks’ flawless coverage of the former Chief of Staff?

We have to ask – is there a back-door deal between State Sen. Tom Davis and FITSNews gossip column founder Will Folks? FITSNews seems to have something career-ending on Tom Davis if the state senator is willing to comply with obvious political favors in exchange for South Carolina’s most notorious pay-to-print outlet to cover him favorably.

The first giveaway? His early endorsement of Nancy Mace in 2013 when she challenged U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham. According to the Charleston City Paper Haire of the Dog column, Mace is the “former co-owner of FITSNews” and “presided over the South Carolina political gossip site during its most infamous days; many have speculated that the site at times operated as the propaganda arm of her consulting biz.”

‘Most infamous days’ refers of course, to the publishing of Will Folks’ delusional story about a fantasy affair with then-gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley. If Mace was the brain behind the conspiracy theory development in exchange for propelling FITSNews into South Carolina fame (and a big paycheck), we can surmise that Folks would use his puppet politicians like Davis to make sure his seemingly corrupt partner in crime made it all the way to the U.S. Capitol (or rather, the statehouse, where she sits now after two failed races).

We can assume Mace’s consulting business had influence over FITSNews content during her time as co-owner. Even worse – as she and Folks plotted who to smear next, it’s clear Mace played into the same anti-woman culture Folks preaches. From disgusting sexual comments about Nikki Haley’s face to commenting on the appearances and ‘builds’ of female reporters in degrading ways, Mace appartently gave this sexist content her stamp of approval. Together, Mace and Folks ran a notorious pay-to-print operation smacking of paternalism and backdoor takedowns while they both profited.

Despite FITS bashing nearly every other female politician in the news, newly elected State Rep. Mace unsurprisingly has glowing reviews. FITS continues to attack Nikki Haley as recently as a May 2019 article, “The Nikki Haley-Nancy Mace Feud Escalates” where it blames Nikki Haley for recruiting candidates to run against Folks’ perfect partner in crime.

The common denominator in all these scandals? Will Folks pulling the strings. So what’s the back door deal between the three of these no-good political players? It’s obvious they all have credibility issues because of their association with the FITSNews outlet – but we have to wonder why Davis and Mace continue to pay off Will Folks? What does Will Folks have on Davis and Mace to keep up the puppet show charade between these two elected officials? We’re asking for your tips because South Carolinians deserve to know the story behind this corrupt puppet show. If you have info on the back-door deal between Will Folks, Tom Davis, and Nancy Mace we want to hear from you. Let’s get these dishonest players out of South Carolina politics once and for all.