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Will Folks’ Greatest Political Buyout Yet: Will Folks Care About his Massive Flip Flop on President Trump?


Come one, Come all — to Will Folks’ greatest political buyout yet! In one big announcement, Will Folks sold out both his political allegiance and ideological values in what could be the biggest FITS News flip flop of all time!

Flash back to 2016, when Will Folks spearheaded a FITS News endorsement of President Trump, claiming he fell in line with the issues Folks believes in — ‘freedom and free markets. Liberty and prosperity. Lower taxes and less government.’ In his 2016 endorsement of President Trump, Folks praised the ‘spark’ Mr. Trump ‘ignited across the political landscape.’

Yet, all that changed rather dramatically after FITS announced the outlet won’t be re-endorsing our Commander in Chief in the 2020 election. President Trump has followed through on all of those early campaign visions and others – more jobs available than the number of Americans looking for employment, never before seen employment rates for women and minorities, record breaking continuous GDP growth, and wage growth streaks that economists have called ‘roaring.’ So why did Sic Willie Folks publish a scathing, anti-Trump, endorsement withdrawal, going back on the “basic values” Folks claims he holds so dear?

The answer is quite simple – and one he even slips up by including in his vastly mis-informed justification against the President’s reelection chances. “My views are rooted in dollars,” Folks writes.

There it is — which Never-Trumper paid off the pay-to-print outlet this time?  How can South Carolinians trust a news source that exemplifies such a major flip flop on not just a candidate, but basic, ideological beliefs? God, family, and freedom are bedrock values that our lives are built around — they’re not fluctuating philosophies that change with the stock market.  Will Folks clearly thinks differently in his sick game of pay-to-print politics.  In his 2016 Trump endorsement, Sic Willie even flaunted how the people of South Carolina know the struggles Mr. Trump campaigned on ‘far better than most of the country.’ What does Sic Willie Folks think of the people of South Carolina now? Does Folks really expect the people who chose President Trump nearly 15 points ahead of Hillary Clinton on Election Night 2016 to believe his abrupt ‘holier than thou’ overnight flip flop?

And we can’t even believe the irony of Folks calling himself a ‘credible voice for fiscal conservatism’  in his ‘righteous’ denouncement of our Commander in Chief. Let’s do a quick throwback to Folks’ well-documented sourcing issue: In 2015, Folks was sued for libel and faced jail time for his refusal to disclose his fake ‘sources’ to the judge. Folks is a proven pay-to-play writer, plain and simple. Too many of his motives are easily traced by a simple Google search connecting the glowing reviews or scathing attacks he writes to a corrupt donor deal.

But to flip flop on something as massive as a Presidential endorsement? Folks’ slimy funders must have allotted him a little extra monthly allowance to pull this one off.  Folks’ spineless and whimsical political advocacy isn’t centered around his passionate ethics-based engagement, as he’d like everyone to believe.  Instead, Folks outwardly admits he’ll display any view at all, for a cost. He’ll say anything, write anything, and lie about anything whether he believes it or not —  meanwhile doing the people of South Carolina a great disservice. After all, his ‘views are rooted in dollars.’

Watch out South Carolina – the Never Trump movement is coming for your Fake News outlets, and Will Folks already took the bait.

Will Folks Care about FITS News’ greatest political buyout yet — Sic Willie Folks’ flip flop on President Trump?