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Will Folks: Best Selling Author of a Non-Existent Book


Sic Willie Folks spoke passionately of his memoir in 2011, set to be released in competition with Nikki Haley’s. Will won’t miss an opportunity to tell the world how important he is, while simultaneously trashing a woman.

“There are going to be several notable differences between my book and Nikki Haley’s,” Sic Willie brags. “For starters, mine will be well-written, authored by the individual whose name is on the cover, and, most importantly, it will be the truth.

But Will didn’t stop there – he even released “excerpts” from his “future book” to prove he was actually writing it. These “excerpts” tell the crude tale of a fictional evening with Nikki Haley – which Sic Willie refers to as ‘one of the most passionate eighth grade make out sessions’ he’s ever experienced. Cue the eyeroll! In a sad attempt at a playing the hero role in a romance novel, Folks described his relationship with Haley as ‘the one that got her on the statewide stage.’ He also added his usual paternalistic dig by calling happily married Haley a “stage 5 clinger” to him. These lies and fictional accounts of his romanticized thoughts about Haley are clearly delusional.

The Saloon’s Alex Pareen called Sic Willie a ‘gross, sexist creep” and added that he ‘seems like a stalker.’ We think so too!

Promising to release more juicy, made-up drama, we all waited patiently for Sic Willie’s brilliant memoir to emerge….and we’re still waiting! Those 2011 comments have aged eight years – and we can’t wait to read what must be a long, detailed and romantic novel!

Maybe Will realized no one wants to read his novel. After all, his own blog published an article headlined: “No One Wants to Read Political Books” in which it concedes that ‘political books are a sore subject for FITS’ Founder’ and calls the lack of a promised book a ‘frequent source of embarrassment’ to Sic Willie.

Any idea what’s in Sic Willie Folks’ long-awaited romance novel? Share your Will-encounters anonymously with us so we can help him finish his book!