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Will Folks Attempts Bailout of Failing A.T. Smith Campaign


Will Folks is following his common playbook, injecting his tired brand of gutter politics and baseless allegations into the closing days of the GOP runoff election for Greenville County Sheriff. Voters will see his latest shenanigans for exactly what they are – a desperate attempt to save A.T. Smith’s failing campaign.

Before digging into the latest Folks nonsense, let’s take a quick look the Sheriff contest.

Hobart Lewis won 37% of the vote on January 7th while Smith won 33%, leaving the remaining 30% of the vote share up for grabs. Lewis was a member of the Greer Police Department for ten years and later joined the Greenville County Sheriff’s office. He is now in the private sector and has laid out ambitious priorities for the office – increasing coverage in remote areas, increasing the number of deputies, and giving more attention to victims and witnesses.

A.T. Smith’s background has been well-documented. He moved to Greenville after being run out the DC following his failures at the Secret Service. He spent decades away from Greenville County, in the process forming deep ties to the Clinton family and DC establishment. Because of those ties, Smith was rewarded with a cushy federal job after being forced out of the Secret Service.

To aide Smith’s reentry into Greenville and cover up his carpetbagging, he enlisted the help of one of South Carolina’s most disreputable characters to boost his name ID. Smith has been advertising on the website FITSNews, founded by Will Folks. In exchange, a steady stream of positive Smith articles have followed and now in the closing days of the campaign, Will Folks is attempting to bail out A.T. Smith failing campaign.

First, Folks submitted a last-minute public records request to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office full of inuendo and short on facts. To follow that up, Will Folks is peddling a false story about sexual impropriety by A.T. Smith’s opponent. We shouldn’t be surprised by the Smith/Folks tactics, considering Folks previously pled guilty to beating his fiancée and A.T. Smith has turned a blind eye to the abuse.

It is time to remove the cancers that have infected South Carolina politics and Greenville County Republicans can make their voices heard loud and clear by turning the page on Will Folks and A.T. Smith.