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Will Folks Ally Gets Demolished in Greenville County Election


Did you hear the news?

Tuesday night was one of heavy disappointment for Will Folks and one of his strongest allies, A.T. “Tommy” Smith. Following the Republican Primary Sheriff Special Election on January 7th, Smith and first-place finisher Hobart Lewis were only separated by four percentage points, which meant the two were headed to a run-off this past Tuesday.

In the run-off, Republican voters of Greenville County sent a strong message to A.T. Smith and his cronies, equivalent to running them out of town. The results showed a landslide for Hobart Lewis, beating Smith 72% to 28%.

The results were disastrous for Smith and company. There were roughly 9,000 votes up for grabs Tuesday from voters who didn’t vote for either Smith or Lewis in the Primary. Additionally, there were around 7,000 more votes cast Tuesday than two weeks ago. Despite this, A.T. Smith couldn’t even add 1,000 more votes to his Primary total.

The results should not be understated- A.T. Smith got crushed.

The most important lesson from Smith’s loss? How foolish A.T. Smith looks for associating with criminals and corrupt individuals. Smith enlisted help from some of our state’s worst actors and his plan failed. His deal with pay to print “news” outlets failed miserably. Hopefully our fellow South Carolinians are taking notes. Greenville County Republicans rejected the lies, drama, allegations, and false claims from Smith, Will Folks, and their whole gang. It’s time to move on.