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Who We Aren’t


We’ve already touched on who we are, so it is only fair that we also share who we are not.

We aren’t anti-Dominion. This news outlet previously attacked Dominion’s ties to a certain pay-to-print South Carolinian, but then commended them for severing ties.

We aren’t anti-marijuana. We are opposed to any special interest that works with shady attorney-legislators.

Our issue with A.T. Smith isn’t rooted in support for another Sheriff candidate, but is based on his judgement. Someone seeking a position of trust who already has questionable ties to the Clintons, shouldn’t have financial ties to convicted felons like Will Folks and his fake news website FITSNews.

We too don’t have a dog in this fight. We aren’t picking sides in the Sherriff’s race or in any political fight. We are only interested in removing the corrupting interests and their enablers that have preyed on our state for far too long. Anyone gossiping about our intentions have the exact same “sources” that Will Folks had when he was found guilty of libel.

We aren’t stopping and to those who aim to silence us, save your money and don’t spend it on lawyers.