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Unlawful Lewis Off to a Rocky Start


Will Lewis’ trial kicked off yesterday to determine if he properly did his job as Greenville County Sheriff amidst a messy affair with his personal assistant, Savannah Nabors.

In a prior civil lawsuit, Nabors said Lewis drugged, raped, and harassed her in what he refers to as a “consensual” encounter. Clearly she had a point if he agreed to settle with a $100,000 payout to the 22 year old.

So far, it looks like she could easily be right on Round 2 as well. The evidence for his trial this week on misuse of public resources and misconduct as a public officer comes right out of the gate in favor of Nabors.

We already heard one phone call script where Lewis outright admits he “needs” her to properly do his job as Sheriff. When Nabors asks him why he wants her to go on an upcoming “business” trip with him, Lewis replies: “I want you to go because I just want to be able to roll around a bit. Just me and you, nobody else. I want time away. I want you to myself, and I want us to just sit around and drink on the beach on company time.”

You heard it from Lewis first — he can’t wait to use the taxpayer dime to ‘roll around and drink.’ That hardly sounds like upholding his duties as Sheriff to us!

This is already shaping up to be a shady trial, chock full of Unlawful Lewis being caught in the act. Stay right here for all your latest trial updates on our lawbreaker Sheriff of Greenville County.