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Unlawful Lewis Neglected and Disrespected his Duties


The man in charge of law enforcement in Greenville County couldn’t even follow basic workplace policies – let alone the law. On day three of the Lewis Trial, it’s already evident the suspended Sheriff of Greenville County was willing to compromise the standards of policies for public officials — he’d do anything to keep his assistant around him at all times.

We already know that Unlawful Lewis would take Nabors, his 22 year old assistant, to crime scenes, on business trips she didn’t have a purpose being at, and allotted her special privileges. But this trial has also exposed that Lewis had no respect for his own position as Sheriff, nor the important job he was entrusted with by the people of Greenville County.

This public official, paid with taxpayer dollars, was caught more than once demonstrating his lack of respect for the position of Sheriff. On a recorded phone call presented in the evidence, Lewis was heard saying that he “couldn’t wait to put a ballcap on, throw his feet up and have some beer” at an upcoming budget meeting. In reference to another meeting, Lewis was heard saying, he wanted Nabors to come with him so they could ‘roll around’ and ‘drink on the beach on the county’s dime.’

He even told Nabors that he wouldn’t be attending the National Sheriff’s Association Annual Conference and sheriff trainings unless she’d go as his plus one. “If you’re not going to go, then I won’t go out [to Reno, NV]. There’s really no point, I just won’t go.” In the conversation meant to intimidate Nabors into a week of exclusive time in a hotel room with her boss, it’s clearer than ever that Lewis was just looking for trip opportunities to bring Nabors on. Evidently, a trip to Reno for the Sheriff’s conference didn’t have any purpose to him other than a taxpayer funded vacation getaway with his assistant.

The taxpayers of Greenville trust that our government officials are acting properly. County funded trips for conferences and trainings are meant as learning experiences to improve the law enforcement capabilities in our community. It’s despicable that our suspended Sheriff got away with disrespecting his job as long as he did.

Unlawful Lewis misused public resources and took advantage of the taxpayers of Greenville County — this disgraced law enforcement officer doesn’t belong in the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.