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TRIAL UPDATE: Unlawful Lewis’ Obsession with his Assistant


“I need you to help me be Sheriff.” These are the words the most powerful man in Greenville County law enforcement told a 22 year old while courting her to be his assistant. On day 3 of the Lewis trial – one thing’s for sure, Lewis had a creepy obsession with his assistant, Savannah Nabors, and went to great lengths to ensure his own time with her.

In opening statements, the Solicitor’s Office questioned, “What does a 41 year old man need to do with a 22 year old girl with almost no experience — certainly no law enforcement experience — why would he need her to be his right hand man?” We can’t imagine why the man who campaigned to be the next Sheriff, with years of law enforcement experience under his belt, would need her either —  but Lewis had other plans up his sleeves.

Everything from telling Nabor that sleeping with him would make them work better together, to slipping his hand into her back pocket in public to “keep other guys away,”  — there was a clear and deep obsession for Nabors that Lewis developed early on during her tenure at the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

In a public post online, Nabors wrote of the situation: “He forced himself on me. He took advantage of me. He brainwashed me from the moment I met him. It was all a set up. It was all for this moment where he took every last piece of me.  And I had nowhere to run. I couldn’t call 9-1-1, he was ‘9-1-1.”

Jurors are hearing evidence this week detailing all the ways Lewis engaged in misconduct as a public officer, as well as how he abused his power and county resources to carry out what he called a “consensual affair” with his personal assistant.

But what he calls a “consenual affair,” Nabors calls harrassment, stalking, drugging, and rape. In a previous investigation, one deputy exposed: “Sheriff Lewis said if anyone made (sexual) advancements toward Nabors they would be terminated.” The Sheriff ensured every employee of the Sheriff’s office knew his assistant was “off limits,” yet he would grab her in public and comment on her appearance. “Look at those assets,” Lewis would tell other officers, always referring to Nabors.

It soon became clear the reason he didn’t want anyone to date her was so he could keep her all to himself. Nabors told the courtroom she never had any romantic feelings in any way, shape, or form towards Lewis, and was appalled to find him on top of her one morning in a hotel room on a business trip, not remembering details of the night. “He was having sex with me,” she told the courtroom. After keeping her rapist (and boss) at an arm’s length to avoid any further inappropriate advances, he proceeded to stalk Nabors and track her phone, ensuring if he couldn’t have her — no one could.

This case of mental manipulation of a subordinate escalated to Unlawful Lewis doing what he pleased with his assistant — thinking no one could ever hold the most powerful law enforcement officer accountable for his crimes.

Lewis has an eye-opening shock coming — after hours of testimony, Nabors clearly showed that the man in charge of upholding the law in Greenville County has a love of committing crimes himself.

We can’t wait to hear Lewis’ explanation for why he would need to stalk and rape his assistant in order to “do his job right.” Stay right here for all your Unlawful Lewis trial updates!