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THROWBACK ALERT: Kicking, Hitting, and Lying ‘Sic Willie’ Pleads Guilty to Domestic Violence Charges


Our least favorite South Carolina political player thought everyone forgot about his run in with criminal domestic charges, but it’s hard to forget such a blatant display of violence and lies.

As a refresher, ‘Sic Willie’ Folks thought breaking down a door and shoving his former fiancé into furniture was a fact up for debate. This domestic violence case stirred up controversy as he flipped his story multiple times. First, he flat out denied the incident happened, then flipped his story to plead guilty in court. Next, he announced he just pled guilty to save his fiancé the embarrassment of a public trial. Who knows what’s a lie and what’s the truth with this deceiving and violent man?

But the lies didn’t stop there! The aftermath of the criminal case shows Folks misrepresented emails from his ex-fiancé about the incident when trying to get an Op-Ed published. Trying to clear away his well-deserved domestic violence brand, he wrote: “Even my former fiancé herself, in an e-mail to my mother two days later, said ‘I do feel that Will did not intend to physically harm me’ and that ‘he never intended to hurt me.’ She’s right.”

When the reporter dug a little deeper to confirm the email existed, the full email from his fiancé included the phrases: “Laying your hands on a woman in any regard is wrong” and “I know he just lost control of his anger,” which Sic Willie chose to redact from his version of the incident.

As if his personal issues weren’t enough to cause concern, there’s proof of Folks threatening another woman most know – Nikki Haley. A 2009 video produced by Folks’ company, called FITS, depicts Folks interviewing then-State Representative Haley in a mock-version cartoon. Amidst cheers, cartoon Folks tells cartoon Haley, ‘someone should raise a fist up against you’ and ‘shut your mouth, don’t you know I beat up women?” This disgusting video is chalked full of misogynistic comments like these, showing Folks’ true character revolves around threatening and degrading women. Worse, the video is used as humor on his company’s page, complete with fake audience applause and laughs. After pleading guilty to domestic violence, the last thing Folks should find amusing is threatening yet another woman.

This is the same man who runs a political blog in South Carolina, in pay-to-play fashion. How can we trust a liar who misrepresented multiple versions of a domestic violence case? How can we trust his opinion and insights, when we can’t even trust him to be alone in a room with a woman? The pattern of threatening violence against one woman is enough cause for alarm, but we already know of two cases where Sic Willie threatened women. How many more are out there?

We’re collecting tips on Sic Willie Folks because no woman should ever feel threatened. Enough with the lies, help us expose the true Sic Willie!