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There’s No Fury Quite Like a “Sic Willie” Scorned: Will Folks’ millionth attempt to attack Nikki Haley


Will Folks is desperate for a story! His pay-to-print gossip site will publish anything to get a paycheck, but he must be scraping the bottom of his war chest based on the baseless nonsense he posted hitting Nikki Haley this week.

His latest delusional accusation? Nikki Haley is organizing an Anti-Trump, resistant group within the GOP to take down President Trump in 2020.

Even worse – Folks’ entire attack on Haley is centered loosely on a dinner she had with a former White House aide who despises President Trump. Folks is living up to his reputation of publishing source-less gossip on this one! It’s no secret Sic Willie found himself in the middle of a defamation lawsuit facing jail time in 2015 for publishing fake stories with no real sources — being a compulsive liar has consequences. But apparently even a run-in with the law hasn’t stopped Sic Willie from publishing fake stories on his news-less site. This hit piece isn’t even based on a lie or rumor. Instead, it’s based on a simple “Nikki Haley sighting”. Anyone else would realize this story has no basis, but Folks is so desperate for content and a paycheck, he’s willing to twist it to create a little bad “press” for a successful woman he already has been failing to impact for years.

After all, this isn’t the first time Folks has tried (unsuccessfully) to drag Nikki Haley’s name through the mud. South Carolina can’t forget Will Folks’ fantasy crush on the former UN Ambassador and South Carolina Governor. He even tried to write a book to brag about a fictional evening spent with Haley in the back of his car. Things turned around quickly though when he called Haley a “stage 5 clinger,” as Folks tried to assert his self-importance in a backlash at Haley for not ‘playing along’ with his fictional, romance novel-esque, accusations. Not surprisingly, Sic Willie Folks’ site soon began publishing Haley-bashing articles including, a complete history of all of FITS News’ sad and pathetic contributions to Haley’s “opposition research file” that the Democrats are supposedly “dying” to get their hands on….again asserting his self-importance.

On a more practical note, Folks has published scathing, personal attacks against Haley – launching nasty misogynistic attacks about her appearance and even threatening to ‘raise a fist up against her’ in a case of internet bullying that warrants an assault threat charge. Clearly there’s no fury quite like a “Sic Willie” scorned!

Of course this comes only a short time after Folks withdrew his support of the President in a complete political 180, which even he himself admitted is “rooted in dollars.” Folks has himself paid for by the Never-Trump crowd, and now he’s trying to pull other Republican leaders deep down the rabbit hole with him. It seems Folks can’t quite move on from attacking Haley (and President Trump too for that matter!), even if he has to create the rumors himself.

Will Folks care about Sic Willie’s delusional conspiracy theories and his repetitive, pathetic attempt to attack Nikki Haley?