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The Greatest Political Coverup: A.T. Smith and Sic Willie Folks


What’s worse? A corrupt want-to-be law enforcement officer? Or a scandalous ‘pay to print’ operative running South Carolina’s most suspicious “news” site? What about the two of them teamed up – with the goal of scamming South Carolina voters out of the true story behind Greenville’s next Sheriff?

A.T. Smith wants to be the new face of law enforcement in Greenville County – meanwhile, he financially backs a man who is anything but an upstanding citizen.

Will Folks, founder of FITSNEWS, has had more days in court than he cares to share. From a libel lawsuit holding Folks accountable for his fake news “sources,” to pleading guilty of domestic violence charges against his ex-fiancée, Folks is anyone but someone the future Sheriff should be buddying up with. 

So why is the A.T. Smith for Sheriff campaign sponsoring Folks’ sketchy “pay-for-print” website with paid ads?

Knowing ‘Sic Willie Folks’ – we can only imagine the back-door deal worked out between these two for a paycheck. Because running campaign ads at a cost means Folks might “conveniently” leave out articles hitting Smith for his past political corruption on the gossip news site. What could Smith possibly be trying to keep out of the spotlight? Maybe the Smith-Clinton Conspiracy, where Smith played a lead role in the Clinton family’s attempt to coverup the Monica Lewinski affair.

But paying to keep your political dirt out of the public eye comes at a high cost. For someone who wants to be entrusted with upholding the rule of law, is it truly worth tying your name to a lying, unethical, domestic abuser like Will Folks? How can this want-to-be Sheriff financially back someone who’s pled guilty to beating his ex-fiancé?

The King of Blackmail must have something juicy on A.T. Smith, especially if Smith is willing to do anything — include invest in Folks’ fake “news” site — to avoid public exposure to his past indiscretions.

What kind of deal does a law enforcement hopeful and a law-breaking political operative have worked out? Don’t we deserve to know? The people of South Carolina will soon see A.T. Smith on their ballot, meanwhile, he’s buying out news outlets to keep his past antics out of the spotlight. This is a blatant display of a political coverup at its finest.

We know we can’t trust Sic Willie Folks to print the truth – but now we have to question the candidates for public office who have already jumped into bed with him ahead of their elections. Will Folks Care about the corrupt relationship between A.T. Smith and FITSNews founder, Will Folks?