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Pay-to-Print in Greenville County Sheriff’s Race


A recent “bombshell” article by FITSNEWS takes a deep dive into Hobart Lewis, one of the candidates running for Greenville County Sheriff. The piece frequently cites Connor Hughes’ article which breaks down the recorded history of the sheriff candidate.

Focusing heavily on Lewis’ Christian faith, Will Folks attempts to connect the dots in Lewis’ story to show why he’s been corrupt all along. It makes sense that Folks is putting out hit pieces on Greenville County Sheriff candidates: the election for sheriff is next week. But what is the motive behind attacking Lewis?

Could the reason FITSNEWS is peddling conspiracies the week before the election because Will Folks operates a pay-to-print scheme? In fact, he’s not even shy about it. Try visiting the homepage of FITSNEWS and you’re immediately shown an ad paid for by A.T. Smith for Sheriff.

Folks’ unapologetic corruption is why journalism is nowhere to be found on FITSNEWS.com. It appears Folk’s latest article is yet another example of Folks selling stories to the highest bidder.

Finally, the article by FITSNEWS claims that the site doesn’t “rush to judgement” in covering stories regarding law enforcement sex scandals only before breaking their own rule in the same article. Folks takes ownership for his site breaking “many” stories on the subject. Apparently, Folks isn’t worried about real stories like A.T. Smith’s shady ties to the Clintons or his checkered past at the Secret Service.

If a man of “integrity” is buying ad space from a person who pled guilty to domestic abuse, how can the citizens of Greenville County trust they’re electing someone who will uphold the rule-of-law? One thing’s for sure: you won’t find any negative pieces about A.T. Smith on FITSNEWS.com. Don’t expect fair and honest coverage on the Greenville County Sheriff race, or any real news, from FITSNEWS. As long as A.T. Smith is lining Folks’ wallet up, his positive press will continue.