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New Questions Emerge About A.T. Smith’s Shady Ties


A.T. Smith’s shady ties, including his financial ties to a domestic abuser, have been well-documented on this website. Just days before A.T. Smith is facing a run-off election with Hobart Lewis on Tuesday, this outlet has uncovered even deeper criminal ties within Smith’s own campaign.

In addition to his paid advertising on certain disreputable South Carolina blogs, Smith has been using Hoover Strategies for his sheriff campaign, as his website prominently states right next to his legal disclaimer.

Who is Hoover Strategies? According to internet records, it is an Upstate political consulting firm led by Tyler Hoover and his father. Tyler is also the campaign manager of A.T. Smith’s campaign. But he has a darker past and public records indicate that the Greenville County Courthouse is well known to Tyler Hoover.

From 1998 to 2017, there were a whopping eight claims, both civil and criminal, filed against Tyler Hoover. In December 1998, Hoover got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, having a bench warrant issued against him for writing a fraudulent check.

Hoover never learned his lesson because in September 2006, he was sentenced for writing yet another fraudulent check. So when it came time for A.T. Smith to decide who should run his campaign, he chose the man who had a history of breaking the law.

What’s the common pattern in Hoover’s court history? He’s been the defendant. Folks, this isn’t a case of Hoover looking for justice. It is just one more questionable move by A.T. Smith in his quest to be Greenville County Sheriff.