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Folks Promises Humiliation for Victim in Greenville County Sheriff’s Rape Case


Will Folks Care’s purpose is to expose the crooks and criminals that tarnish our state. Folks, a domestic abuser, has intertwined himself into another case of sex abuse on the political scene, showing us the circle of corruption among these bad actors extends far and wide in the state of South Carolina.

FITS News’ latest article about suspended Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis’ sex crime against Savannah Nabors is chock full of hypocrisy. To no one’s surprise — it misses the basic point South Carolinians want to see in news coverage of these pathetic abuse cases: We know it’s right to stand by the victims.

Folks writes that FITS News supports the judge’s decision to allow Nabors to testify against Lewis in her rape allegation, but we can read between the lines: Folks doesn’t care about supporting a victim caught up in a South Carolina sex scandal, he just can’t wait to profit off a juicy chance to take down more political players.

Folks even mistakenly refers to the judge’s decision as “elevating the potential for drama,” exposing his true motivation for supporting her testimony. This disgusting display of political smack talk clearly shows FITS News and it’s founder are more interested in profiting off a rape case than actually covering a just decision for its victim.

It’s clearer than ever, Folks has a personal interest in the case – he wrote in an earlier article, “Lewis was indicted on misconduct in office and obstruction of justice charges stemming from a sex/corruption scandal which unfolded exclusively on the pages of this news outlet.” We can only imagine what other ‘exclusive’ coverage FITS might gain from developments in a case they held exclusive rights to early on.

Folks loves to tout the ‘holier than thou’ line, meanwhile, hypocrisy is Folks’ middle name. Support for Nabors to testify shows Folks has a deep character flaw and pathetic lack of respect towards the victims of crimes like these. Folks was once in the same hot seat Lewis is in — charged with criminal domestic violence against his ex-fiancee in 2005.

In his case, he wasn’t lobbying to allow his ex-fiancée to testify with her account of the night he broke into her apartment and threw her against furniture. Instead, Folks entered into a plea deal. In 2005, WIS TV wrote: “Folks says he hopes his guilty plea shows something about his character. He says he did not want to put his ex-fiancée or her family through a trial that would have exposed private details. He previously had denied the accusations.”

His decision shows Folks’ true character indeed. It seems Folks is all for allowing victims to speak out in court — just not his victim. Folks will do anything to keep his own private details out of the limelight, meanwhile standing by to subject other victims to grueling media coverage of their testimony before justice can be served.

In fact, Folks’ victim, Ashley Smith told WIS TV, “I think I can understand why victims don’t come forward with these kind of things. Because the process, the procedures that are involved with it make it very intimidating and very scary.”

Of course it’s even more intimidating when your abuser runs a state-wide gossip column. In true devotion to ‘boys club’ culture, one domestic abuser gives another abuser advice on what to do when your victim comes forward: Folks writes he is ‘shocked’ Lewis “has not agreed to a plea deal in connection with this case, especially after learning Nabors’ testimony would be admitted into evidence against him.”

Sound familiar? It seems Folks isn’t for justice after all. These dishonest political players will do whatever it takes to squash a victim’s chance to tell their story. For those victims brave enough to speak up — Folks advocates for a grueling court process with promise of extraordinary media attention.

These kinds of cases aren’t just pathetic on the part of the abusers — they’re all too common. They come without a painless way to obtain justice. We must work towards a time when victims are not ridiculed in the media and a time where people like Will Folks and Will Lewis are held 100% accountable for their crimes against women.