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FITS News: Irrelevant. Unfortunate.


FITS News, Sic Willie Folks’ pathetic attempt at a “news operation,” slides by with a tagline that unfortunately, represents his pay-to-play operation a little too literally.

Irreverent: showing a lack of respect for people or things, followed by Unapologetic: not acknowledging or expressing regret. Exactly what the people of South Carolina look for in their news! FITS News absolutely lives up to it’s tagline — much to the dismay of news readers everywhere.

From nasty misogynistic attacks to threatening to ‘raise a fist up against’ a woman on his platform, Sic Willie Folks undoubtedly demonstrates assault threats against women. Although that might not be a huge surprise to readers, after knowing he pled guilty to domestic abuse charges filed by an ex-fiancée for breaking into her house and throwing furniture at her. Whether at home or at work, you can count on Sic Willie Folks to show no regret for his abuse and threats towards women.

Sic Willie Folks didn’t even blink an eye when he found himself in a defamation case facing jail time over his well-known history with flawed sourcing.  Folks couldn’t even produce the sources in a case brought against him for causing a South Carolina elected official’s ‘humiliation, hurt feelings, mental suffering and injury to his reputation.’ Even he can’t back up the lies he publishes!

Speaking of a blatant display of a lack of respect for people — FITS doesn’t shy away from Anti-Semitic tendencies. The site often publishes criticism of the United States’ well-established relationship with Israel and even sided with the freshmen Democrats in Congress in their campaign against the Jewish people. The difference between the radical Democrat freshmen and Sic Willie Folks? Folks slid by without ever apologizing for his rabid Anti-Semitism.

Unapologetic? Folks SHOULD be apologizing for the nasty political game he’s playing in the Palmetto state. Folks’ site is just another lawsuit away from collapsing –South Carolinians won’t stand for the domestic abuse, Anti-Semitism, and dishonesty coming out of FITS News.

It’s unfortunate that the people of South Carolina even have to deal with this irrelevant outlet pushing lies and false stories on them.