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Dominion Energy: Funding Anti-Semitism and a Domestic Abuser


Will Folks has well-documented issues with honesty, ethics, and violence toward women. What hasn’t received as much attention – his blatant anti-Semitism.

One article from Will Folks’ political website, FITSNews.com, uses common anti-Semitic tropes about U.S. subservience to Israel and even referred to President Trump being bossed around by the Israeli Prime Minister. FITS went as far as launching an attack on the “pay for policy relationship that exists between powerful American politicians and well-funded Jewish interests” — and then complained about not being able to criticize Israel with his anti-Semitic comments!

FITS might cloak their attacks as legitimate grievances with the State of Israel, but the reference to “well-funded Jewish interests” exposes Folks for what he is – a rabid anti-Semite. In fact, Folks’ sub-header on the article, “it’s all about the Binyamins” is insulting enough, referencing an already litigated anti-Semitic tweet by Representative Ilhan Omar, “it’s all about the Benjamins.” Her comment, accusing the Jewish people of funding U.S. politics, was labeled as “igniting the debate on Israel and Anti-Semitism.” She also publicly apologized for her insensitive comment. So why would Will Folks use an already established anti-Semitic phrase on his website as a headline, and even worse, spell it in reference to the Jews’ sacred Hebrew language? Rep. Omar already answered for her racist comment — why does Sic Willie Folks get to slide by?

Even more shocking is the featured advertiser on the article, Dominion Energy. In an article chalked full of anti-Semitism, it makes you wonder if Dominion Energy is so desperate for press that they have no problem funding a website that promotes blatantly racist views. Do Will Folks’ valued advertisers also know about his domestic violence charges? He’s on record physically threatening a second woman, in addition to the court evident case of violence against his ex-fiance, which he pled guilty to. Dominion Energy has no principles if they choose to professionally fund a man who goes home to habits of threatening and beating up women.

Dominion Energy wants to buy-out favors in Columbia, but they should know what we already know – you don’t want to be associated with toxic Sic Willie Folks. Apparently, Dominion is so desperate to advertise with bottom of the barrel political players that they’re willing to get into bed with a woman-beating, anti-Semite who only writes pay-to-print stories.

Dominion Energy is enabling these anti-Semitic views from a domestic abuser by financially backing his disgusting public platform. If they didn’t know the true Sic Willie, they do now. So, Dominion, do your ‘actions truly speak louder’? Will Dominion Energy continue funding Will Folks’ racist gossip column?