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Congratulations to Dominion Energy, for Finally Cutting Financial Ties to Domestic Abuser Will Folks


Dominion Energy finally cut ties with Sic Willie Folks’ pathetic political corruption site, FITS News.

For months, the energy giant continued to fund the factless gossip columns with paid advertising videos midway through the pay-to-play content. All of South Carolina knows FITS News’ stories are bought and paid for in Sic Willie’s backdoor corruption operation.The site is chalked full of lies and rumors — it’s no surprise Folks was sued in a defamation case and couldn’t even produce his so-called ‘sources’ to the judge. FITS isn’t exactly the most upstanding business partner to voice ‘feel good’ brand ads to the clientele.

Even worse than the lies Folks represents are his targets. From beating his ex-fiancée and threatening other women on his platform, to his blatant display of anti-Semitism in his articles, Dominion’s dollars excused Folks’ embarrassing and offensive antics for too long. Meanwhile, this domestic abuser continues to target other women with violent threats in his articles — but this time, alongside an empty paid advertising spot.

Dominion Energy isn’t excusing corrupt players in South Carolina politics anymore. Will Folks’ display of bigotry, disrespect towards women, and untruthfulness is no longer met with a paycheck, much to Dominion’s ethical credit.

Folks DO care about the unethical nature of FITS News and it’s pathetic corrupt founder, Will Folks. We want corrupt players out of South Carolina politics and Will Folks should be the first to go.

Will Folks’ well of pay-to-play money is drying up faster than he ever thought.Well done Dominion, actions truly do ‘Speak Louder.’