Back Door Business with Sic Willie Folks

Sic Willie’s back door business has taken off! Between his pay-to-print practices and dishonest stories leading to libel cases, it’s shocking anyone even reads his blog!

First Domestic Violence, Folks Adds Stalking to his Rapport

Will Folks is back with his obsessive attacks against the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley. With...

Will Folks: Best Selling Author of a Non-Existent Book

Sic Willie Folks spoke passionately of his memoir in 2011, set to be released in competition with Nikki Haley’s. Will won’t miss an opportunity to tell the world how important he is, while simultaneously trashing a woman.

THROWBACK ALERT: Kicking, Hitting, and Lying ‘Sic Willie’ Pleads Guilty to Domestic Violence Charges

Our least favorite South Carolina political player thought everyone forgot about his run in with criminal domestic charges, but it’s hard to forget such...

Unlawful Lewis Off to a Rocky Start

Will Lewis’ trial kicked off yesterday to determine if he properly did his job as Greenville County Sheriff amidst a messy affair with his...

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