Unlawful Lewis, the disgraced Sheriff of Greenville County is guilty!

The taxpayers should never have had to put up with this ridiculous trial — “The county takes $45 million to $47 million and gives it to this man for the purpose of keeping Greenville safe,” the prosecution noted. “Not for the purpose of helping Will Lewis get in Savannah Nabors’ pants!”

In an online post, Nabors wrote: “He forced himself on me. He took advantage of me. He brainwashed me from the moment I met him. It was all a set up. It was all for this moment where he took every last piece of me.  And I had nowhere to run. I couldn’t call 9-1-1, he was ‘9-1-1.”

The Sheriff obviously had an overwhelming attraction to his 22 year old assistant, but acting on those impulses led to an alleged rape on a business trip, as well as unwanted sexual advances and a cold case of workplace harrassment (all on the Greenville County dime!) “She was pretty and she was young,” the Sheriff said while testifying. He also called Nabors a “frequenter of the gym.”

“Mr. Lewis is a corrupt, self-serving, selfish, manipulative man,” the prosecution told jurors, “a monster that deserved to be convicted.”

We know a boss twice his assistant’s age shouldn’t be offering her perks that outrank police officers who have been with the county for 20+ years. It was clear from the beginning — Lewis was willing to compromise county protocol to keep his eye candy constantly at his side. “You can’t do that,” the prosecution said in court.  “You can’t use public money to try to have sex with an employee… Everybody seems to understand it, except Will.” The most powerful man in law enforcement in Greenville County thought he’d get away with his actions but justice has been served.

The Sheriff of Greenville County is supposed to uphold the law. Yet, South Carolina finally sees what we’ve known all along — Unlawful Will Lewis is a convicted criminal who got away with breaking the law for far too long.

Unlawful Lewis will spend a year behind bars, guilty of misconduct as a public official.