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Back Door Business with Sic Willie Folks


Sic Willie’s back door business has taken off! Between his pay-to-print practices and dishonest stories leading to libel cases, it’s shocking anyone even reads his blog!

Columbia Journalism review called Folks’ blog ‘most read’ but also ‘most ribald,’ which is openly on display in nearly every published post. His bio highlights his overrated self-absorption, calling himself ‘disarmingly attractive’ and a ‘sensational dancer,’ before highlighting his disgusting misogyny and crude words about women. Folks even refers to his prior boss, an elected official, as a ‘total douchebag’ – showing the maturity level of a high school boy.

His blog is more of a train wreck – you don’t want to read it, but it’s too hard to look away. Why? Because you can almost see the chaos and price tags in the headlines. These stories are chalked full of cash as they degrade and bash elected officials left and right – particularly if those elected officials happen to be women, a favorite target of Folks. The pay-to-print business model has turned Sic Willie’s website into a juicy gossip column with aims of revenge on former political enemies rather than a respectable news blog.

No one takes him seriously! But, spreading false rumors to collect cash has its own consequences.

In 2015, Sic Willie found himself in a defamation lawsuit facing jail time. He refused to comply with a court order to reveal just where he was getting all the lies and rumors he was publishing. Of course, he continued the charade of “protecting his sources,” calling himself “honor bound,” when it’s too obvious Sic Willie is just a compulsive liar with no real sources to reveal. Narrowly dodging jail time (for a second time thanks to his previous domestic violence charges!), Folks paid a fine for his dishonest business practices.

Yet, his gossip column lives on. We’re dying to know how Sic Willie makes up his crazy stories — If you’ve ever paid for a story from Sic Willie Folks, we want to hear from you!

Help us expose Sic Willie Folks’ gossip column for what it is – a money making takedown scheme.