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An Open Letter to Thomas Farrell, CEO of Dominion Energy regarding his company’s support of a domestic abuser


Dear Mr. Farrell,

The company you lead, Dominion Energy, believes ‘Actions Speak Louder.’ So do we. We’re writing to you today to bring to your attention a blatant inconsistency between your company’s values and their actions. 

Will Folks is the founder of FITSNews, one of the websites your company chooses to sponsor through paid advertising. Folks has demonstrated some inexcusable actions of his own over the past decade — and continues doing so each and every day. From beating his ex-fiancée, which he pled guilty to in court, to his blatant display of anti-Semitism in his articles, you should know that Dominion’s name is tied to Folks’ embarrassing antics each time your video ad automatically plays midway through his articles. 

You should also be aware of Folks’ well known issue with his sources. He’s been known to run  a “pay-to-print” platform, often spinning gossip and rumors into “news” stories for a paycheck. He was sued for this very practice in a 2015 libel lawsuit for failing to reveal his “sources.” Again, Dominion’s logo proudly displays a stamp of approval on these false stories.

As a well established company with principles and ethics, we question why Dominion Energy continues to tie itself to such a display of bigotry, disrespect towards women, and untruthfulness. You are funding and enabling these practices — while sending a loud message to South Carolina that Dominion Energy supports corrupt political players like Will Folks.

We call upon Dominion Energy to divest of its relationship with FITSNews and its founder, Will Folks. Assuredly, there are trustworthy and ethical outlets more deserving of Dominion Energy’s advertisements. As CEO, we trust your leadership in demonstrating that actions truly do ‘speak louder.’

We encourage you to visit willfolkscare.com for additional information on the man your company funds.