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A.T. Smith’s Shady Ties


Greenville deserves a Sheriff that stands for integrity, honor, and the law. Sheriff candidate A.T. Smith does not stand for such principles and his behavior and associations point to major character questions. One of his most troubling ties is his financial support of Will Folks, a shady Columbia swamp creature with a history of abusing women, and the online gossip rag FITSNews, where Smith is a featured advertiser.

So why is this Folks-Smith alliance so troubling? In 2005, Folks plead guilty to domestic violence in which he physically harmed his fiancée. During an argument, he shoved her into furniture, injuring her. The two broke off their engagement and Folks pled guilty. Folks’ behavior leads to more questions, as whether it was an isolated incident or just the one time he was caught.

The Folks-Smith relationship is another question mark on A.T. Smith’s judgement and whether he can be trusted to lead a law enforcement agency after being pushed out of the Secret Service(more to come on that in future articles). Can the women of Greenville County trust A.T. Smith to defend them and keep them safe if he is paling around with a domestic abuser? A.T. Smith has shown his true character by establishing financial ties to a proven abuser. If Smith is keeping people like Folks in his circle, he cannot be trusted in the important role of Sheriff and isn’t worthy of the sacred trust we put in our law enforcement professionals. There is no doubt that Greenville County’s residents deserves better.