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A.T. Smith Places Second in Greenville Sheriff Primary


Greenville County voters cast their ballots Tuesday for Sheriff in the Republican primary, picking Hobart Lewis as their top choice. A.T. Smith came in second place, trailing Lewis by around four percentage points. The results were an otherwise disappointing performance for A.T. Smith, who FITSNEWS called the “frontrunner” in the primary race.

The run-off between Lewis and Smith will be on January 21st. Despite all the positive press Smith has received in exchange for advertising with Will Folks and FITSNEWS, it wasn’t enough to put Smith over the top. 

FITSNEWS even did Smith’s dirty work – putting out a hit piece right before the election attacking Lewis. But it’s not about Hobart Lewis. Will Folks was prepared to disparage whoever was in A.T. “Tommy” Smith’s way. Apparently, FITSNEWS isn’t as influential as they want their readers to believe.

Stay tuned, this news outlet has uncovered some serious information about someone close to A.T. Smith. More to come and thank you for reading.